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Daenerys -member of The Underworld

 – Half goddess/half hellhound

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Princess of the Underworld
Vital statistics
Position Half Goddess half hellhound
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'7
Weight Unknown


Persphone was furious that she couldn't have a child and could only go to the surface world half of months of the year. She wanted a real daughter that would rule with her in the underworld, but also go up to the surface world whenever she pleases. She used all of her good earthy magic to create Daenerys. At first, she wanted to be able to control her new daughter, but as time went by, it became boring so she gave her free will. There was, however, a side-effect. Hades was furious that Persphone loved her more than him, and so he cursed Daenerys. When sundown comes, she would turn into a hellhound. Persphone was devastated that her beautiful daughter could turn into a demon beast. On the brightside, Daenerys could go to the surface world whenever she pleased. She has to be careful though, because evne in the surface world when the sun goes down she will become a hellhound! She met her current Bestie Val, who gave her this special love potion that allowed her to stay human sometimes after dark. She currently lives in wolf pack city in a small apartment and spends half of her time there and half of her time in the underworld with her parents. 


Earth - she has control over the plants, trees, and flowers. She has the same powers as her mother, and changes the seasons throughout time. 

Hellhound - she can burst into flames and shoot flame balls from her mouth


Val Bestie i love her <3
Hades father he cursed her and she hates him
Persphone mother the only reason she goes back to the underworld; she loves her