Dante Souris


Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 0
Weight 175 lbs.


Dante -member of No Group

 – March 15, 2013



A little baby boy was born to two Japanese descendants. They named this little baby boy Dante Souris. He grew up with his mother, a Japanese descendant of unknown origin, and his father, a Japanese descendant of the Souris family. At the age of 5, Dante began to be able to move objects using his hands and his mind. He grew up thinking this was granted by his Japanese gods. But when he turned 13, he pressed his father for an explanation. His father finally told Dante that his grandfather was an alien from another planet far beyond their megar solar system. He told Dante that his grandfather could do the exact same thing Dante could. He called it the Force. His grandfather said that there was a group of the "Force" wielders that protected the galaxy. They used this swords of light, Lightsabers, as their weapons. Dante's father gave him the Lightsaber that his grandfather used. Dante grew up the next 5 years training in the ways of the Living Force, using holograms of his grandfather to help. Dante mixed his training of the Living Force with his Japanese traditions and modern techniques, creating a whole new mindset which centers around logic. Once Dante turned 18, he left home to find his own path. He eventually stumbled upon Wolfpack City. He rented an aprtment there and got a job as a mechanic. He now lives in a beat-down apartment above his workplace, Wolfpack Mechanics.



Dante Souris, which translates to Dante Firewalker, is a cool-minded, logic-thinking man. He has short, black hair, an off-white complextion, narrow blue eyes, and a black goatee. He usually wears a blue overshirt with a black t-shirt underneath. He is physically fit, he works out often. When he isn't training with his blue-bladed Lightsaber, he's either working or observing his Japanese traditions. Dante misses his family back in Japan, but he knows that they are safe, protected by the Living Force.


  • Force Powers
    • Force Push -- Dante can use his connection to the Living Force to create waves of Force Pushes, which can off-balance people and even destroy things.
    • Force Lightning -- Dante can shoot lightning out of his hand, using the Living Force to send jolts of extremely high voltage into other beings or objects.
    • Perception -- Dante can use his connection to the Force to sense things that are happening and tune into lives.
  • Japanese Traditional Arts
    • Healing -- Dante very rarely uses this technique, but, as part of his beliefs, can place his hands on a person and actually heal them.
  • Combat Techniques
    • Martial Arts -- Dante is trained in various Martial Arts, and actually uses these interchangeably.
    • Weaponry -- Dante is trained in using a Bow Staff, Nun-Chucks, Double Swords, and Daggers. He is also trained in various firearms, but barely uses these.