Paige Winters
"At your service sir"
Vital statistics
Position Secretary
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 120


Paige grew up with a civil fanily and was raised in wealth since birth. Her father owned a lot of land in Wolf Pack City and her mother was a fashion designer. She lived a very simple and civil life and today is the secretary to the leader of the whole Wolf Pack City. Not much else is known of Paige.


Paige dresses professionally all the time and loves to style her hair in different ways. She prefers skirts and dresses and doesn't like any other shoe than high heels. 


She is very much a girl and doesn't like getting her hands dirty. She is tough though and will do anything for the leader of wolf pack city and is very loyal to him. She knows martial arts and karate, but only uses them if it's necessary. 


Dressed up for a gala dinner