Mothreus Towers Hotel
Mothreus Towers Motel
Tall building
"Welcome to the Luxurious Mothreus Towers Hotel, one of the finest establishments in the Western United States."
Wolf Pack City's Oldest Hotel
Finest Hotel in Western USA
Vital statistics
Founded By Mothreus Damo II
Founded in April 5th,2035
A Hotel
Other statistics
On 23rd and Blue Phil Avenue
Address 2392 Blue Phil Avenue

Welcome to the Mothreus Towers HotelEdit

You walk inside and see a marble fountain and four giant marble statues depicting each of Wolfe Pack City's founding fathers. The floors are soft and coushined, and it feels nice to walk upon it. The sweet smell of vanilla fills the air, and large guards walk around and despite looking quite frightening, they seem to make you feel safe. Suddenly, a handsome man and an extremely pretty woman come up to you in red suits, saying in a kind voice "Welcome to the Luxurious Mothreus Towers Hotel, is their any way we could be of service to you?" The bellhops seem kind, as if going to work is one of their favorite things in the world. They hand you a pamflet and you read through it, seeing the various things that the hotel offers. The prices are surprisingly low for a place of such luxury, and you begin to feel at home, as you turn to give your answer.