Valentina de Angelo
Miss Cupid


Valentina is a top secret cupid, from the world called Cupistania. She was sent to the President, for her safety by her parents. The president sent scientist to learn about Val's physiology and her powers. They called her the next step to evolution.She now works for the president, and is on her way to be promoted to a top spy agency (is there one?). 

Her kitten, Troy.

Val lives at a secret gated community in Wolf Pack City(is there one?). She feels excepted by the human society, even though she's an alien. She feels that love is one of the best things that ever exists. Well, besides the Mall, Italian food, and kitties.

HeeheeOther Info:)


Val is a sweet young fifteen year old girl. She's charmsatic, along with empathic. She is described as laidback, and very "crash". She loves to help the weak and innocent, and tries to prove herself to the world. She is also noted to be very persuasive.

Powers and Abilities

As a Cupid she has the following powers and like all Cupids, they have one unique skill and hers is Advanceed Telekinesis:

Advanced Telekinesis: is a powerful and advanced form of telekinesis. Users of this power can move multiple objects at the same time and move them over great distances. Advanced Telekinesis can also be used to generate a wave of telekinetic energy, capable of causing great destruction and causing objects to explode by putting huge amounts of pressure on them.

Beaming: The ability to teleport from one's current location and instantly reappear at another location.

Remote Beaming: The ability to teleport another individual to or from another location with the mind.

Empathy: The ability to read and feel other people's emotions.

Sensing: The ability to locate and find the thing they want most.

Persuasion: Cupids can persuade people into doing things, but some Cupids refuse to do this. This is a last resort to all Cupids.

Hovering: The ability to slowly rise a few feet up in the air, and hover in just one place.

Retarded Aging: Cupids age very very very slowly.

Regeneration: The ability to heal and regenerate bodily tissue and organs damaged as a result of injury, this regeneration takes place very quickly and is usually completed within seconds. 

(Note: I got some of this info, not all, from a show called Charmed.)


Val is a very beautiful girl. She has dark chocolate brown eyes, and she dyed her hair a red color. She is 5'8, and is built like a runway model. She eats healthy, and is very athletic.

Favorite Quote: Love conquers all!!!! c: